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Dishwasher Pods – Debunked!

The internet has struck yet again!  We have frequently been asked about dishwasher pods and whether or not they can clog up your drains.  A recent viral post has been circulating that states that we should all be avoiding these convenient little pods of dishwashing soap that you can just toss in your dishwasher.  The claim is that they will cause a buildup of gunk in your drains, eventually clogging your pipes, and that “plumbers everywhere” are well aware of this issue.

Fear Not - Dishwasher Pods Are Safe To Use!

Dishwasher pods are coated in a thin layer of polymer that is designed to dissolve very quickly.  Inside the pod you will find powdered dishwashing detergent and sometimes liquid detergent as well.  All of these materials will dissolve very quickly in a properly functioning dishwasher.

(Note what I said there: properly functioning dishwasher.  You should always follow your dishwasher’s manufacturer instructions, and be sure that it is in good working order.)

Something else to keep in mind is almost every dishwasher on the market has a filter that traps larger food particles and debris.  If perhaps a dishwasher pod did not fully dissolve, it would get caught in the filter and not pass through to your drain lines.  Dishwashing detergent itself does not reform into a solid within your pipes.

Any Evidence Of Clogs?

Here at Trident Plumbing we have never encountered a clog that was even potentially caused by dishwasher pods.  We can wholeheartedly say that dishwasher pods are nothing to be concerned about when it comes to the drain lines in your home!  So wash away with those dishwasher pods!

Our Customers Always Come First

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