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Do You Have A Leaking Or Worn Out Faucet?

Trident Plumbing has expert technicians that are here to assist with faucet repairs and replacements.  Whether you need a repair done on your current faucet, or are looking to replace a kitchen or bathroom faucet we are committed to providing affordable and reliable solutions.  When you call Trident Plumbing we promise that we always have your needs in mind above all else.

Faucet Repair

A leaking or dripping faucet can be annoying and a waste of water that can add to your water bill.  Typically these repairs are straightforward and we are happy to get that drip or leak taken care of for you.  A faucet that no longer turns on or off leaves that faucet useless and certainly in need of repair.  Give us a call today and Trident Plumbing will gladly get you back in working order!

Faucet Replacement

A new faucet can really update the look of a kitchen or bathroom!  Professional plumber installation of new faucets ensures that there will be no leaks or functional issues with your new faucet.  We also offer warranties on labor in addition to the manufacturer warranty that may come with your new faucet.  We are happy to talk you through options and help you pick out a new faucet and install it for you, just give Trident Plumbing a call today!


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Touchless and Voice ActivatedSmart Faucets For Smart Homes


With just a wave of your hand you can start a touchless faucet.  Rather than turning the handle with dirty hands, your faucet will stay cleaner and spread fewer germs.  We are happy to provide touchless options for your home.

Voice Activated

Smart home devices can take your kitchen faucet to the next level when you have a voice activated faucet.  You can ask for specific water volumes, specific temperatures, and even preset specific settings that you use regularly.

Outdoor Spigots

Outdoor spigots, also called hose bibbs, are important fixtures in your home’s plumbing system.  They are also very susceptible to the elements, especially temperature changes and wear from frequent use.  When there is water left in the line during the winter, extremely cold temperatures will freeze the water inside your outdoor faucet causing the water to expand and potentially damage the hose bibb or the water line leading to it.  Over time outdoor faucets can eventually begin to leak and need repaired or replaced.  If you have an outdoor faucet in need of a repair or replacement, give us a call or book an appointment online today!

Winterizing Outdoor Spigots

As the weather begins to get cold at the end of each fall season, don’t forget to winterize your outdoor faucets!  First, find the shut off valves for your outdoor water lines and turn them off.  Then, go outside and open the faucets to let all of the water in the lines drain out.  Make sure you leave the faucets open, and you’re all set!

Did You Know...You can have an outdoor faucet that provides hot AND cold water?

There are dual temperature outdoor faucets that work much like your faucets inside your house. A hot water line is run to the outdoor faucet in addition to the existing cold water line. You can then control the temperature of the water. They are especially great for giving pets a bath outside without using cold water!

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