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Discover The Soft Water Difference

Hard water, although not dangerous to drink, can become a nuisance in your home and for you.  Whether you are noticing mineral deposits in your sinks or shower, or you feel like your skin and hair just never get clean enough, installing a water softener removes the dissolved minerals found in hard water.  Our expert technicians can test your water to determine if you would benefit from a water softener in your home.  We proudly offer free estimates for all water softener installations, and every free estimate includes a complimentary water test.

Hard water can be found in homes with both well water and city water.  Municipalities treat city water for contaminants, but they do not remove dissolved minerals from your water.

Does Your Home Have Hard Water?

Hard water is caused by a high dissolved mineral content, and it can be found in homes with well or municipal water supplies.  Those dissolved minerals are not harmful for you to drink, but they can cause issues for your plumbing.  Here are some symptoms of hard water:

  • Mineral Deposits
    You might notice mineral deposits in sinks, toilets, and on your faucets. These deposits can be unsightly and sometimes difficult to remove. They can clog your faucet aerators and your shower head. These deposits can also be found in your pipes and appliances where you can't see them.
  • Soap Scum
    Dissolved calcium reacts with the soaps that you use to form soap scum by preventing the soap from being completely dissolved. This grey or white residue will be found in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.
  • Spots On Dishes
    As your dishes dry, hard water leaves spots on those dishes. As the water evaporates, the minerals in hard water are left on your dishes causing those spots.
  • Failing Appliances
    Mineral deposits can build up in your water heater, toilets, washing machine, and dishwasher. These deposits can shorten the lifespan of your appliances causing them to fail much sooner than they would with softened water.
  • Dry Skin And Hair
    In the same way that hard water causes soap scum on your shower, it also causes soaps and shampoo to be difficult to rinse off of your body and out of your hair. This soap and minerals that are left behind can dry out your skin and your hair.

Water Quality Testing

Included with every free estimate

Our plumbers will provide you with a complimentary water test with every water treatment estimate.  With those results we can provide you with customized options specific to the water in your home.

What We Test For:

Lab testing for bacteria can be performed for an additional fee.

Water Softener Benefits

A water softener is installed at the point that your water enters your home so every drop of water in your house is treated.

  • Protect Pipes And Appliances
    By removing the dissolved minerals from your water before they can begin to accumulate you will protect the pipes and appliances throughout your home. This increases the longevity of your plumbing.
  • Cleaner Clothes And Dishes
    Right away you will find that you need less soap to get things clean, and the soaps will more completely rinse away. Your clothing will come out softer, and your dishes will be cleaner.
  • Healthier Hair And Softer Skin
    Just like your clothing and dishes, you will need less soap and shampoo in the shower. Everything will rinse away more completely as well. This leaves your skin softer and your hair healthier over time.
  • Better Tasting Water
    Many people can taste the difference when a water softener is installed. Especially when paired with a carbon filter, all of those minerals, chlorine, and chloramines are removed before you drink the water from your fauceets.
  • Saves You Money
    By extending the lifespan of your pipes and appliances you are protecting some of your more expensive investments in your home. You'll also save money by using less soap to get everything clean.


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