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Whole House Water FiltrationWater Quality Is Our Specialty

Whole house water filtration is installed right at the main water supply line that comes into your house.  This means every drop of water from every faucet and appliance is filtered.  Whether you have well water or city water, chances are you could benefit from whole house water filtration or treatment.  Homes in our area with well water are especially susceptible to impurities that can affect the taste and look of your water, and potentially harm your plumbing.

We proudly offer FREE estimates on all whole house filtration systems.  And every estimate includes a complimentary water test, so you get options that are customized for your own water treatment needs.

Water Impurities We Treat

All water that comes into our homes is not the same.  City water contains chlorine or chloramines that treat the water for bacteria, but can also contain dissolved minerals causing hard water.  Well water can differ greatly depending on the location of your home.  Here are some of the impurities a whole house water filtration system can treat:

  • Iron
    Well water with high iron content is very common throughout the Fredericksburg region. You may notice red, yellow, or brown stains on plumbing fixtures, or the water itself might have a reddish orange color. High iron levels can clog or damage your plumbing fixtures and appliances, cause staining, or cause a metallic taste to your water. High iron can also increase the risk of bacteria that require iron to grow and multiply.
  • Acidity
    Well water can be acidic due to a variety of natural process that occur before the water reaches your home. While acidic water is not a health risk, it causes significant damage to your plumbing. It will corrode metal pipes and plumbing fixtures over time. Acidic water also wears out seals and diaphragms in plumbing fixtures and appliances much faster.
  • Hard Water
    Homes with either well water or city water can be affected by hard water. Hard water is caused by high levels of dissolved minerals and cause an undesirable taste and damage to your plumbing. It also makes it more difficult to get your dishes, clothes, and yourself clean. Click here to learn more about water softeners.
  • Sediment
    Sediment can be found in water from well water systems. While generally harmless, sediment affects the look and taste of your well water. The sediment in your water can also clog up your plumbing fixtures and appliances. It is also important to remove as much sediment as possible before UV light treatment for bacteria, as the UV light will be less effective when it cannot penetrate cloudy water.
  • Bacteria
    A UV light designed specifically for water treatment can be installed in any home with a concern for possible bacteria contamination. This fully enclosed system uses a UV light to destroy bacteria as the water flows through, ensuring that your water is always safe to drink.

Water Quality Testing

Included with every free estimate

Our plumbers will provide you with a complimentary water test with every water treatment estimate.  With those results we can provide you with customized options specific to the water in your home.

What We Test For:

Lab testing for bacteria can be performed for an additional fee.

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