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TRIDENT PLUMBINGWater Treatment and Filtration

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Water Quality Is Our Specialty

We all want to be sure the water we drink is clean and safe to drink.  However, the benefits of water treatment in your home go far beyond just drinking water.  Showering, brushing your teeth, even washing your clothes in water free of contaminants can make a significant difference for you and your family.

Whether you have well water or municipal water, most homes can benefit from a water filtration system.  Trident Plumbing has expertly trained water treatment system installers.  

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Well Water

Potential contaminants in your well water can include sediment, minerals, gases, and even bacteria.  If you have a well as a source of water for your home and you notice your water is cloudy, has a strange odor, or leaves residue behind on your sinks, showers, or toilets you might benefit from the installation of a water treatment system.

Municipal Water

Even municipal water sources can contain minerals that cause hard water.  Municipal water is always treated with chlorine or chloramines, which you can usually smell when you drink it.  While these chemicals are incredibly important to ensure that your water is free from bacteria, it is best to remove them before drinking or bathing.

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Water Treatment Systems

Whole House Filters

Remove chemicals and sediment found in your water. Manage the pH at a safe level for drinking, as well as your pipes and fixtures. Provide cleaner and safer water for you and your family.

Water Softeners

Remove minerals that cause hard water. Prevents scale build up on showers, bathtubs, sinks, and rings in toilets. Correcting hard water can also improve dry skin and clothing will be softer.

UV Lights

A specially designed water treatment UV light is capable of killing bacteria found in your water supply. This can be especially important for homes with well water.

Point of Use

Reverse osmosis filters are installed at a single fixture and provide clean, filtered drinking water at one source in the home. Most often point of use filters are installed in the kitchen.

Water Treatment System OptionsIt All Depends On Your Water

The water supply for every home varies significantly.  Municipal water can vary by region, and each well supply is different. The water treatment needs for your home will depend entirely on the results of a water test by one of our trained technicians.  Some homes, especially those with well water, may need a few water treatment components installed to treat various water supply issues.  Other homes will only need one component to treat one issue.  You might also decide to install a point of use filter at just one fixture in your home.  We determine what water treatment options will best fit your home on a case by case basis.

We take a personalized approach to your water treatment.  We make recommendations based on the water in your home, and we will never sell you a component you do not need.

Water Quality TestingIncluded In Free Estimate

Our plumbers will provide you with a complimentary water test with every water treatment estimate.  With those results we can provide you with customized options specific to the water in your home.

What We Test For:

We can also provide lab testing for bacteria for an additional fee.

Point of Entry vs. Point of UseUnderstanding Your Options

Many homes have point of use water filters, either on the sink or built into the refrigerator.  However, this only filters that water that you drink or use for cooking.  Point of entry water filters treat every drop of water that is used throughout your home.  These whole house water filtration systems are installed right at the point where water enters your home.  This will treat not only the water that you drink and cook with, but also the water that you bathe in, wash clothes and dishes with, and brush your teeth with.  Whole house water filtration can also prevent scale build up on showers, rings in toilets, and stains in your sinks.


Lauren T.
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We used another company who installed our whole water house filter incorrectly and we were having issues. We wanted a second opinion and Brian pointed out the problem and swiftly took care of it for us! He is very trust worthy and we couldn’t recommend his services enough! Thank you Brian & Becky!!
Jerry W.
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Trident arrived on time, they were courteous, professional, answered my questions, and took great care to install the equipment neatly. They even moved my hot water heater to make everything fit perfectly. I can instantly tell that my water is now crystal clear.
Debra C.
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I cannot recommend Trident Plumbing enough! This is my second time working with them and they consistently are the most wonderful company to work with. They are professional, polite, time sensitive, well priced, and do quality work. They will have my business every single time.
Kevin C.
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Trident tech fixed the problem with my water heater not correctly heating the water. In addition he observed the poor quality of our house water supply. He tested the water and recommended a water filtration system. Trident installed the system and our water now looks and tastes great .



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