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Low Water Pressure? No Water?

Having a well on your property provides your home with its own personal water supply.  It also means that you rely on your well system to continue to provide water to your home.  When there is an issue your well pump, pressure tank, or well controls, that can potentially interrupt the flow of water which is essential.  Here at Trident Plumbing we have plumbers on hand ready to assess and service or replace the components of your well system in the Fredericksburg area.

Signs It Is Time To Call For Well Repair Service:

  • Low or no water pressure throughout your home
  • Water “spitting” from fixtures such as faucets or shower
  • Discolored or dirty looking water
  • An unexpectedly higher electric bill – your pump could be working overtime to keep water pressure up

Well Pumps

Our plumbers service both older jet style well pumps as well as newer submersible pumps.  The kind of well pump that you have for your well depends primarily on the depth of your well.

Well pumps have a fairly long lifespan when maintained properly.  On average a jet style pump will last around 10 years.  A submersible pump will typically last around 15 years.

If you have any concerns about your well pump, or if you have low water pressure or no water at all, our plumbers will diagnose the problem and get water restored to your home.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are newer well pump technology, and are more energy efficient. These pumps are located underground in the well itself. These pumps push water from within the well up to the home. They must be fully submerged in water in order to pump.

Jet Pumps

Jet pumps are older style pumps typically used for shallow wells. They are found above ground either near the well, in a well house, or in the home. These pumps work by suction to pull water up to the home. Jet pumps must be primed with water in order to pump.

Well Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank maintains water pressure in your home.  When water is in use and the pressure begins to fall, the pressure tank tells the well pump to begin pumping.

Why Do You Need A Pressure Tank?

A standard pressure tank will hold a reserve of water as well as compressed air set to a certain pressure range.  When water is in use in your home the pressure in the tank will begin to fall, and as soon as it reaches a set pressure the well pump will begin pumping more water in.

Aside from maintaining water pressure, the pressure tank will also keep your pump from running every time water is used and increase the lifespan of your well pump.

Standard vs. Constant Pressure Tanks

A standard pressure tank maintains water pressure within a preset range.  That range varies by approximately 20 psi.  This means you will likely notice fluctuations in your water pressure when you are using larger amounts of water, such as when you take a shower.

Newer constant pressure systems maintain water pressure within a range of 3-4 psi.  With a constant pressure system you will no longer notice those fluctuations in your water pressure when water is in use.


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