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Plumbing DIY Safety

There are plenty of plumbing jobs in your home that can be handled without the help of a plumber.  Resources online like YouTube and manufacturer instructions are widely available and typically very helpful!  You can potentially save hundreds of dollars by tackling many plumbing issues on your own.  However, we do recommend taking some precautions.

Know Your Limits

Everyone has their own comfort level with various skills.  What seems straightforward and easy for some may be complicated for someone else.  You should always proceed with caution if you are stepping outside of your comfort zone when it comes to tackling plumbing jobs.

Turn Off The Water First

This tip may sound silly, but it can be an easily missed step.  The water in your house is under pressure.  Any breaks in the water lines, whether intentional or accidental, can cause serious damage very quickly.

If you’re working on a toilet, faucet, or other appliance or fixture that has a shut-off valve do not assume that the shut-off valve is functioning.  Valves can fail over time and with use.  Have a bucket on hand to catch any water that may leak out.

Do Not Touch The Gas Lines

While we fully support DIY plumbers, we also must stress that gas lines should not be handled by anyone other than a licensed professional.  While a water leak may cause damage, a gas leak however has deadly consequences.

Caution With Electrical

If you’re working with, or near, any electrical outlets or hard wiring proceed with serious caution.  Unless you are confident that you are able to handle any electrical components to a job, it may be best to call in a licensed professional.

And ALWAYS make sure any breakers are shut off before touching any electrical lines.

Know When To Stop

If you reach a point where you are stuck, or stepping too far outside of your comfort zone with your plumbing, stop and call a professional.  We get plenty of calls from customers who attempt DIY repairs and end up creating more expensive problems.

Our Customers Always Come First

Here at Trident Plumbing, we believe promises should always be followed by actions.

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