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Plumbing Myths – True or False?

Here's A Hint... They Are All False!

We know you have the best intentions when it comes to caring for your home, including your plumbing.  There are plenty of plumbing myths out there that seem like they could be a good idea.  In reality, many of them don’t work and others can even cause damage to the plumbing in your home.

So, let’s break down the biggest plumbing myths we come across!

1. Ice Sharpens Your Garbage Disposal Blades

First, your garbage disposal doesn’t actually have blades.  It has impellers that force the food against a grind ring that breaks food down into pieces so small it is almost a liquid.  So, ice cannot sharpen blades that don’t exist.

A few ice cubes can help clear out some food particles that might be left behind in your garbage disposal.

2. Lemon Peels Deodorize Your Garbage Disposal

While we are on the topic of garbage disposals, it is commonly believed that you can put lemon peels down your garbage disposal to deodorize and clean it.  There are a few reasons we don’t recommend this method.

First, peels and fibrous foods should never be put down your garbage disposal.  They can actually gunk up your garbage disposal and clog your pipes.  They should always be thrown in the trash.

Second, the citric acid in lemon peels can contribute to corrosion in your garbage disposal.

Best choice?  Only put small amounts of food at a time down your garbage disposal and rinse it really well after use.  You can also use those ice cubes we mentioned!

3. Put A Brick In Your Toilet Tank To Save Money

The concept behind this myth is that you take up some of the space in the toilet tank so less water is used with each flush.  Seems like a good idea, but let’s consider this for a moment.

Your toilet is designed to use a certain amount of water per flush.  When you reduce that water, the toilet typically will not flush as effectively.  This leads to more flushes, and more flushes use even more water.  In the long run, you aren’t saving any water but actually using more.

Newer toilets are designed to flush more effectively with less water.  You will save money in the long run by replacing an old inefficient toilet with a new toilet.

4. Bleach Toilet Tank Tablets Are An Easy Way To Keep Your Toilet Clean

Ok, so this isn’t actually a myth per se.  If you put bleach tablets in your toilet tank they will help keep your toilet cleaner.  They will also cause the rubber seals and plastic internal parts to deteriorate and wear out sooner.

The best way to keep your toilet clean is regular cleaning of the bowl.  We don’t recommend putting anything in your toilet tank to keep it clean.  Your internal toilet parts will last much longer.

5. You Can Flush Grease Down The Sink With Hot Water

At first, this seems like a good idea, you can see the liquid grease running out of your sink when you rinse with hot water.  However, pretty soon that hot water is going to cool off in your drain lines leaving grease that sticks to your pipes leading to clogs over time.

Believe it or not, if you have a small amount of grease to pour down the drain it is actually better to use COLD water to rinse it.  Cold water will cause the grease to begin to solidify and flush down the drain in pieces that move more easily out of your plumbing.

However, if you were cooking bacon or frying foods, that grease should never be poured down your drain.

6. A Slow Dripping Faucet Is Not A Problem

Even a slow dripping faucet adds up to gallons of wasted water every month.  This can lead to wasted money in your water bill as well.  Slow drips also tend to leave mineral deposits behind in your sink that can be difficult to remove.  As the water drips, it sits in your sink and dries leaving any minerals in your water behind as an unsightly buildup.

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