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Under Pressure: Municipal Water

The plumbing in your home goes through a lot every day.  You have faucets turning on and off, showers running, the water heater keeps the hot water flowing… the list goes on.  Already the pipes and fixtures throughout your house are working hard.  Well did you know that having high water pressure in your house can contribute to weakened pipes and fittings, leaking faucets, and wear out your fixtures even faster?

For a house that gets municipal water, you get whatever pressure is coming in through the city water supply.  And sometimes, that water pressure is high.  Too high for residential houses to accommodate on a regular basis.  That’s where a pressure reduction valve comes in to help.  A pressure reduction valve is typically installed near your main water shut off valve and is set to reduce the incoming water pressure to a safe level for your home.

Signs Of High Water Pressure:

  • Banging pipes when running water – this is also called water hammer
  • Damaged appliances – toilet fill valves especially tend to wear out quickly with high water pressure, but faucets, dishwashers, washing machines and even your water heater can be affected by high pressure
  • Dripping faucets
  • Higher water bills – reducing the pressure can save you thousands of gallons of water each year


Most newer homes will have a pressure reduction valve installed when they are built if the city water pressure is greater than 80psi.  However, pressure reduction valves also have a lifespan of their own, typically lasting 7-12 years.  So even if you know you have one installed, over time it will eventually fail, and the pressure will rise in your plumbing.  If you have any concerns about your water pressure, give us a call today!

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