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UV Light Water Treatment

We all want to be sure the water in our homes is safe.  Not only for cleaning and bathing, but drinking too.  If your home has a municipal water supply you rarely have to worry about viruses or bacteria in your water.  All public water is treated with chemicals to reduce the bacteria present to save levels.  However, certain bacterium can still sometimes be present in municipal water supplies from time to time.  If your home has well water there is always a possibility of viruses and bacteria making their way into the water that comes into your home.  The CDC recommends annual testing of well water to ensure continued safety.  If you do have unsafe levels of bacteria in your well water, one way to treat your water so that it is safe to drink is with a UV light water filter system.

How Do UV Water Filters Work?

UV light at a certain wavelength disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria.  This disruption of the genetic code makes it impossible for the virus or bacteria to function or reproduce.  When these pathogens are no longer able to reproduce, they are unable to cause an infection.

A UV light water filter system has a powerful UV light that is designed specifically to disinfect the water that is coming from your water supply into your home.  The water flows through the filter and is treated by the light.  This prevents any viruses or bacteria present in the water from getting you sick.

Are UV Water Filters Safe?

UV light water filtration is a widely used method for water disinfection for municipalities, business, and private homes.  One of the best features, is there are absolutely no chemicals or additives needed in your water.  It is a rapid process that happens as the water flows through the filter, with no effect on your water pressure.

While UV light can also damage the DNA in our own cells if we are exposed to high levels, these filters are completely closed systems.  You will never be exposed to the UV light within the canister and they are completely safe to have installed in your home.

Some Points To Consider

  • Water being treated by UV light must be clear for the UV light to penetrate all the way through the water.  It is typically recommended to install a sediment filter prior to the UV light if there are concerns about cloudiness.  If multiple water treatment units are installed, the UV light should always be the last unit that the water passes through.
  • UV light water filters do not treat any other impurities in your water such as high levels of minerals, sediment, or acidity.  They only treat the presence of viruses and bacteria.
  • A UV light requires electricity to run.
    • If your home has a well, your well pump also needs electricity to run.  If you have a backup generator installed, keep in mind if you are running your well pump with your generator but not the UV light then the water will not be treated for pathogens until the power is restored.
    • If your home has municipal water, then your water continues to run even in the event of a power outage.  However, your UV light will not treat your water until electricity is restored.

Water Testing and UV Filtration System Installation

If you have any questions or concerns about water quality or water treatment options, give us a call at 540-642-0023 or schedule an appointment online.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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